Day 1 went really well. I started out by walking up to each student and personally introducing myself, getting their name and giving them the survey and page 1 of the syllabus. I liked that immediate personal connection and the students seemed to respond well. We blasted through the syllabus and keynote presentation via the website and the issuu version of the syllabus .pdf file. Students seemed to pay attention quite well. Everyone got to the server, though one needed the help of an IT student worker who is in the class, yeah! Some computers were missing Photoshop and even CS5, but those students moved to other computers, and some experienced students mentored students who are new to Photoshop.

Students did the survey, and there is a wide range of skills. I showed the xtranormal 3D animation, which I think they appreciated. Then we went outside and did a getting to know each other exercise, repeating each other's names, home-town's and art medium. It was a little geeky, but fun. I gave them 10 or so more minutes to take a break, then we jumped into Photoshop. They each got a file with three images of Layla with a hula-hoop and a storm cloud. They spent about 30-40 minutes playing with it and things started to look interesting... Now to get ready for Wednesday