Another good day. Looks like we are down to 18 students. Got through several more tools and options. Introduced Bridge and the .pdf creator. No one, No one! knew what a .pdf was or what it stands for--scary--we've got seniors and juniors in the class. We got the Flickr group going, with everyone submitting something and commenting. We visited Eric in the basement of Allyn and they got introduced to the cameras. They need to watch my new screencasts and bring their work and/or take photos to work with on Monday. I hope I can really help their artist/designer selves emerge.

Idea: We take a topic, such as student debt. They have to research the topic, plus consider their own debt, and come up with an illustration or collage that expresses their concerns about this topic. Remember to show democracy now collages and tv collages.

Many other possibilities for political topics, and what about a critique of our new SIU logo and piles of flyers that have to be approved.

Drumming and photoshop idea. I play the drums wearing a ball cap and long-hair wig. Play for 20 secs or so then introduce the next photoshop topic. I take off hat with wig attached and get to work on the computer. Can do similar thing with guitar and other instruments. It's time to put all my skills to work--bit time!