Back to class after 1 week due to labor day holiday. Was quite happy with almost all of the grid assignments. Some were surprisingly good. The students seem to be getting comfortable with Photoshop. We reviewed all the grid projects with me displaying them on their monitors. Several of them needed minor changes and there were a few that were less than acceptable, but those were in the minority.

We spent most of the rest of class going over some selection tools we've used and some new ones, also giving the students hands on time with cloning stamp, healing tool and more. And the big new thing we went over was masking and adjustment layers. I told them to begin thinking about their complex collage and will have to spend more time with that on Monday. I'll demo some of mine, give them some compositing tutorials to watch--maybe look at some student work, maybe have them work on the grassy lake image I was playing with. Must also introduce select/color range.

I was a little premature telling them we were about done learning new tools in photoshop. Must still cover painting, blur, sharpen and ....

Only 1 of 4 students who were supposed to meet with me outside of class did so. One of them--Bryan, was also absent for the second time, so maybe he's dropped. Charlotte and Jasmine absent also.