After a somewhat brief review of masks and selection tools, the students worked on combining two images from Little Grassy Lake, trying to make everything look in focus. In one image, the foreground was in focus, in another, the background. Many students had trouble with this. A few seemed comfortable. They'll have time on Monday to finish, but this may be too hard for many of them. We'll see about pushing through or making a modification. The assignment requires focus, some planning, lots of attention to detail. Three students missed class last time and 2 this time. They are having some troubles.

For the second half of class we went to the University Museum where Bob Dehoet gave a talk on the Pop Art exhibit. He made custom posters using comic book blocks, replacing the text with his own, to describe Pop Art and the artists in the exhibit. Most students were typically quiet. Maybe some type of quiz on Wednesday--or chance to process what they learned, what they struggle with.

He mentioned a few techniques for improving perceived resolution--adding noise and reducing the number of colors (posterizing). Free comic book images can be found at, and he found tons of comic book fonts on the web, including dialog bubbles.

I took photos of many of the images from the exhibit and from the H.S. exhibit across the hall. We'll talk about those in class.