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Day 2

Posted by gregory wendt on Thursday, August 25, 2011, In : Reflections 
Another good day. Looks like we are down to 18 students. Got through several more tools and options. Introduced Bridge and the .pdf creator. No one, No one! knew what a .pdf was or what it stands for--scary--we've got seniors and juniors in the class. We got the Flickr group going, with everyone submitting something and commenting. We visited Eric in the basement of Allyn and they got introduced to the cameras. They need to watch my new screencasts and bring their work and/or take photos to w...
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Day 1

Posted by gregory wendt on Monday, August 22, 2011, In : Reflections 
Day 1 went really well. I started out by walking up to each student and personally introducing myself, getting their name and giving them the survey and page 1 of the syllabus. I liked that immediate personal connection and the students seemed to respond well. We blasted through the syllabus and keynote presentation via the website and the issuu version of the syllabus .pdf file. Students seemed to pay attention quite well. Everyone got to the server, though one needed the help of an IT stude...
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