Gregory Shmegory

Links  Visit these sites and you will learn a great deal; (BTW it's required).

Your Retouching Tutorial Links


Flickr Group - Our place to upload images & comment on them.

Mark Pease AD219 site
- Our course is based on this syllabus.

Digital Foundations - Text book in form of a Wiki

Behance - Perhaps the best network for artists and professionals. You can create a site for free, put all your work there, connect with others and see fantastic art and design.

Computer Arts - Good for ideas and advanced tutorials.


Photos and Blending Modes - Turn your own photos into a unique work of art

InDesign  Get to know this site, as it is essential to your final project.


What is Illustrator? - This link will tell you.

IAN Symbol Libraries - Thousands of editable symbols that can serve as examples of how vector graphics are built and modified.

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