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Welcome Students

You will think, you will work, you will create, you will reflect, you will share, you will refine, and you will repeat this process again and again.

You will not be focused on grades or doing the minimum necessary to achieve a certain grade. You will be creating digital art from day one. You will use numerous art and design principles to inform your work.

What do I mean by that? Concepts such as balance, the golden ratio, color theory, symmetry and asymmetry, repetition, collage, political art, abstract art, commercial production etc.

There may be times when you struggle with aspects of this course. There may be times when it seems too easy or boring. If the work seems too hard, you will need to work harder, ask for help, search for answers. If you are bored by tasks that seem too easy, you will use your creativity to turn what may seem like a boring exercise into an exciting one.

This course is no different than real-life. In fact, for the nearly 6 hours a week we are here together, this is real life. What else could it be? It's not a dream.

The attention and effort you put in here, will likely be very similar to the effort and attention you put into a job or your personal art practice.

You, your parents, the Illinois tax payers--are all paying a great deal of money for you to do this work so you can learn and grow. If you don't want to do the work, don't waste the time and money of all of us.

This course offers you access to thousands of dollars of computer hardware and software that most of you could not afford to purchase. You also have access to an enormous trove of high quality tutorials via, which would otherwise cost you a lot of money. And you have a teacher with a great deal of experience with these tools.

There are surely students in this class who already have high level skills with some of the software. All of this is for you to take advantage of. Imagine a giant buffet of the best foods in the world. You can choose what to eat and how much to eat and how to eat it for 16 weeks. Are you going to choose a Macdonald's hamburger because it's easier and more familiar, or are you going to sample as much as you can and discover what real quality is? Maybe you won't like anything better than a big mac, but at least you will understand your choices.

The work is not particularly hard, but it does require concentration, effort, persistence and the willingness to learn new things and overcome the parts that don't come easy to you.

--Gregory Wendt
(v/o for 3D animation)

21st Century Digital Art

“…Human affairs are undergoing a new revolution comparable to the industrial revolution that launched the machine age. Electronic circuitry, microprocessors, and computer-generated imagery threaten to radically alter our culture’s images, communications processes, and the very nature of work itself.  Graphic design, like many other spheres of activity, is experiencing profound changes.  The graphic design community is responding to this new age of electronic circuitry by an involvement in media graphics, systems design, and computer graphics.

 The tools—as has happened so often in the past—are changing with the relentless advance of technology, but the essence of graphic design remains unchanged.  That essence is to give order to information, form to ideas, and expression and feeling to artifacts that document human experience. 

 The need for clear and imaginative visual communications to relate people to their cultural, economic, and social lives has never been greater.  As shapers of messages and images, graphic designers have an obligation to contribute meaningfully to a public understanding of environmental and social issues. Graphic designers have a responsibility to adapt new technology and to express their zeitgeist by inventing new forms and new ways of expressing ideas.  The poster and the book, vital communications tools of the industrial revolution, will continue in the new age of electronic technology as art forms, and graphic designers will help to define and extend each new generation of electronic media.”

--Philip B. Meggs, Epilogue to Meggs’ History of Graphic Design, 2006


Share Your Inspiration

Send me your art related inspirations and I'll post them.

Things Worth Thinking About

U.S. in decline: The state of our nation and a good banner graphic.
adbusters: Design with humor, content & awareness.

  • Education is merely forming the right habits.
  • Every word of praise or reprimand motivates more than any reward or threat of punishment.

~L. N. Laurio, Ambleside

Check out this online drawing project. It works quite like drawing in Photoshop. Your image could be included in a final animation honoring Johnny Cash.

Since we've been doing a lot of collage, I thought you would find this interesting. A man named John Evans made a collage every day for decades. Read more here. Reading about John Evans led me to this site which is all about collage.

Common use of Illustrations - Click Image below to view slide show

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