Gregory Shmegory


Today 11/30: 
  1. Upload the current state of your magazine to magcloud and email me the link, so I can look it over. Make sure I see your work today, regardless of how far you have progressed.
  2. Print two of your spreads on 11x17 paper in color. You can do this by exporting your .pdf file and choosing which pages to print.

Monday 12/5:

Finalize Magazine, export .pdf and order Proof from Magcloud. I will keep the magazine, so you may want to order at least 2, so you have one for yourself. Be sure to review your magazine on Magcloud's site. If you see anything wrong. Fix it and upload a new one. If your link has changed, email me the new one.

Timeline for submitting work: There are 6 class meetings left in the semester

Monday 11/21 – Work-day - You should have all of your images together with proper resolution and a basic layout for your magazine.

Wednesday 11/23 - No class - Thanksgiving break

Monday 11/28 - Intro to web art - half of class, Magazine work-day for remainder.

Wednesday 11/30 - Magazine work-day - all major elements of magazine should be in place -begin fine-tuning.

Monday 12/5 - Finalize Magazine, export .pdf and order Proof from Magcloud

Wednesday 12/7 Web art continued, and work day for revisions of previous assignments.

Monday 12/12 - 7:50AM - 9:50AM Final exam period here in the lab. Bring your magazines in to share and review. This is our final critique. There is no test but you must be here for this.


Links for InDesign first exercises: digital foundations & Magcloud

unity-extended-demo.pdf unity-extended-demo.pdf
Size : 94.995 Kb
Type : pdf

Save file and put in dropbox with yourlastname_firstname_ID-ex1.indd

Illustrator Animal project part 1 is due Wednesday October 18th at beginning of class.

Part 2 is due Monday October 23rd at beginning of class.

QuigleyLabScheduleFall2011.pdf QuigleyLabScheduleFall2011.pdf
Size : 638.623 Kb
Type : pdf

The course is divided into three primary sections based on the software we will use. However, there will be overlap, and there will be additional tools and concepts covered in each section. Specific details will be provided throughout the semester. Though we must learn the software, the course is not about software. It' about using software as tools to enhance your art and design skills and creativity.

Mostly Photoshop  

Dates: Aug 22 - September 26 (10 class days)

Mostly Illustrator

September 28 - November 2 (10 class days)

Mostly InDesign 

November 7 - December 7 (9 class days)

Web Tools and Other 


Each section of the course consists of three primary modes of work:

  1. Exercises: Can usually be completed in one class session.
  2. Assignments: May take several classes and time outside of class.
  3. Projects: Will usually take several weeks to complete.

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